Rapid Batch Ovens

There are many uses for RAPID® Batch, Preheat, Cure, Dry-Off and Bake Ovens which include but are not limited to...

Primary Metals, Fabricated Metal Production, Industrial and Commercial Machinery, Trasportation Equipment, Furniture and Fixtures, Wood Products, Rubber and Plastic Production, Stone and Clay, Concrete Products and a variety of other industrial applications.

Batch Ovens

Pre Heat Ovens (Pre Heaters)
Prepares metal, medium-density fiberboard or other substrates for your coating process.

Helps elevate the part and coating temperature to achieve the desired coating performance. Efficient air distribution without excessive air turbulence. Flexibility provided by variety of heat sources (natural gas, propane, or electric) and mounting configurations.

Dry Off
Helps eliminate water or moisture accumulated during the pre-treatment washing process. Reduced drying times as a result of high impingement duct systems, resulting in reduced energy costs.

Bake Ovens
Uses are for drying, curing, or hardening various powder or wet coatings. They can also be used for relieving entrained gases of certain substrates.

Low Temperature Stress Relieving
A process used to reduce internal residual stresses in a metal object by heating the object to a suitable temperature and holding at the temperature for a proper amount of time.

Out Gassing
The slow release of a gas that was trapped, frozen or absorbed in some material.

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